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Today in conversation with Madalina STANA, CSV member living in Strassen, currently part of the mentoring programme of CSV. Her mentor is Nico Pundel, Mayor of Strassen.

Where do you come from and what politics mean to you?

I come from Romania, a country where politics did worse than good. I have always been militating for change, criticising decisions that I thought are harmful for the people of for the country. Therefore, politics for me is the structure, the core of all decisions that can drive a society, the powerful source of change and influence.  I remember the last street revolution I participated at. The glory of community, the strength of common values and purpose, people gathering for a one and unique scope, this is a game changer and this is why politics for me should be for the people, to support their common goals and to help achieve unity and serve their interests.

As an expat, what was your motivation to get involved in Luxembourg politics and more specifically to join CSV?
I joined CSV because I am part of the international community in Luxembourg and this party is the only one that built a community around it and gives a voice to non-Luxembourgers and new Luxembourgers. I felt included in the first minute and I met extraordinary people from different and diverse cultures that have the same challenges and sometimes, the same eagerness for information. As an expat, I am so grateful that CSV had this initiative because it is our chance to express our desires, our ideas and to exchange for the benefit of the community. No matter from where you are, you are greeted and welcome. And this is priceless especially when you need to make your way as a foreigner in the country.

As an expat living in Luxembourg-city, what’s one political message that you’d like local or national politicians to give more attention to?
One of the best messages for me would be the fact that we, as expats, are included in the decision making. That politics is for all and that it is done in conformity with the community’s needs. We come from a different culture, and we embrace different values, we need a common ground so that we develop and thrive. It is extremely important to acknowledge that Luxembourg is a country of multiple cultures, multiple languages and this is its uniqueness. Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world and I am not speaking from the financial point of view. It has an incredible number of world nationalities and it can adapt to its specific needs. Luxembourg is small but powerful and this mixture of nations keeps its charm alive.


Thank you, Madalina!




Every week, Daniela-Lacramioara Clara Moraru, deputy Secretary General of CSV, the party of the local & international community, will bring you interviews with the members of our party, to help demystify politics, increase political participation and engagement of non and new Luxembourgers.

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