CSi – We also speak English!

The CSi or CSV INternational is a section of CSV, engaged for our members who don’t speak Luxembourgish. We provide a unique platform for those, regardless of nationality, who would like to actively participate in the political dialog in Luxembourg

“What we have to do … is to find a way to celebrate our diversity
and debate our differences without fracturing our communities.”
(Hillary Clinton)

The members are the backbone of our party

You can help to make a difference. As a member of the CSi, you become part of a strong political community, working to ensure integration, solidarity and engagement with the non-Luxembourgish community in Luxembourg.

Being part of CSi does not prevent you from getting involved in other party structures

CSV was the first political party in Luxembourg with a platform for non-Luxembourgers. The platform is complementary to the services already available to all the CSV members.

The CSi intends to strengthen the presence and status of the non-Luxembourgish members within the different structures and decision-making bodies of the CSV, by ensuring their involvement in the formulation of political subjects and initiatives identified by the various sections, sub-sections and central bodies of our party

In order to promote cultural exchange between Luxembourgers and non-Luxembourgers, CSi is suggesting the following services:

  • organising meetings with Luxembourg associations,
  • visiting key institutions in the Grand Duchy as well as European and international institutions
  • organising town hall meetings and workshops on current topics related to the integration of the non-Luxembourgers
  • support the local sections and their non-Luxembourgish members

The CSi is the ideal platform for participation in the political life in Luxembourg and we encourage the non-Luxembourgers to be candidate in the 2023 local elections.