About us

The CSV International (CSI) is a sub-organization of the CSV, which brings together expatriates, newly naturalized Luxembourgers,  residents who do not necessarily understand Luxembourgish, and Luxembourgish members sensitive to issues of inclusion and living together.

By our members. For our members.

The CSI works to facilitate the political inclusion of foreigners and people who do not have a command of Luxembourgish and promote solidarity and commitment within the country’s various communities. It helps strengthen the presence of non-Luxembourgish members in the different decision-making structures and committees of the CSV. It, therefore, strives to involve its members more through various projects or initiatives within the party. The CSV International platform complements the other organs and activities that the CSV already offers to its members.

A platform for cultural exchange.

To promote cultural exchange between its different members, the CSI strives to:

  • Organize Meetings and roundtables with personalities and organizations from diverse backgrounds
  • Organize visits to national and European political institutions
  • Support the sections of the party to strengthen the involvement of non-Luxembourgers and overcome the language barrier
  • Involve expatriates in the development of CSV programs.

Do you want to know more? Contact us at csi@csv.lu